Bitcoin basics

Basically the BitCoin is a Cryptocurrency, and by that I mean it is an encrypted form of digital currency. Sure, you can get physical BitCoins, but we’re thinking about instant transactions here.

So, first of all you will need a wallet. A wallet is place where you store your BitCoins, like how your real wallet works. I use BlockChain – it is very secure and is verified by the Hidden Wiki. It is pretty intuitive about how to set up your wallet.

Getting your BitCoins is what you need to do next. I use BitBargain but there are many other places which sell you BitCoins. An example is ExpressCoin. If you would prefer to trade in cash with someone face to face, use something like LocalBitCoins. They all tell you what to do.

So, after you have bought the BitCoins I’d move them straight to the BlockChain wallet you already made. This is because the market sites will usually say about storing BitCoins in their wallet will cost an extortionate amount of money. BlockChain will store it indefinitely for free. Moving it into the BlockChain wallet, you’ll need a wallet address e.g. 19nXQGx4kRAh1ijJACK3vzPusRMzggLVRe and then say how much you would like to move. For this, move everything.

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