Neteller Crypto Exchange

NETELLER features conversion of 28 leading currencies to alt coins within its app, abolishing the involvement of crypto exchanges.
Online wallet and internet payment provider NETELLER is now providing its customers buying and selling hassle free digital currencies, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, and Litecoin.

 The exciting factor is NETELLER’s commission to enable exchange service of 28 fiat currencies to crypto coins using its app, potentially terminating the currently troublesome process of using crypto exchanges, or peer-to-peer platforms, or going to a bitcoin ATM, to acquire or dispose of funds.

Regulated CFD Providers

Currently, multiple online CFD providers offer Ethereum CFDs. However, there is only a handful of Direct Market Access Brokers authorized and regulated by the UK financial regulator.

With so many unregulated brokers in the market, traders should be aware. Before you even consider trading with a CFD broker, check whether it is regulated. In the UK, we recognize the FCA license, in Europe the Mifid and in Singapore the Monetary Authority of Singapore. When providers are regulated, they are supervised by the government that prevents them from doing any unfair business practices.
Regulation requirements include:
The provider should maintain separate trust accounts for retail customers transactions/
The CFD broker must keep traders funds in trust accounts with a bank in Singapore;
CFD providers should not use customer’s capital for other obligation.
The provider is obligated to perform a daily computation of all assets which are deposited in their custody.
The regulatory institutes impose a minimum margin requirement of 5% of CFD providers
contracts with retail customers; and
Mas requires a base capital requirement of S$5 million for CMS Licence Holders dealing in unlisted derivatives with retail traders.
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