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American samoa women

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American samoa women

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American samoa

This story is told through short. It provides an overview of developments and achievements of the women of American Samoa in its first century as a Territory.

Attempts at diversification have met with success. The website features live and on demand videos, basketball news, over 70,00 players​. Tourism is growing, thanks to the islands' scenic attractions and fine beaches.

In addition, please visit our accessibility for information on the College's policies and procedures that include how to file wlmen grievance with ASCC, as well as how to file a grievance with the U. Violence — for this policy, it is defined as the deliberate and wrongful violation, damage, or abuse of persons or property and includes threats of violence.

Such behavior can include oral or written statements, gestures, or expressions that communicate a direct or indirect threat of both mental and physical harm. Offshore banking spearhe an expanding services sector.

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Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights. A safe environment free from acts of threats of physical violence, including harassment, intimidation and other disruptive behavior in the workplace will not be condoned or tolerated.

American Samoa, unincorporated territory of the United States Life expectancy at birth: Male: () years: Female: () years. All reported incidents of workplace violence shall be taken seriously and shall be dealt with appropriately.

Light manufacturing is expanding and has attracted foreign investment. It has the world's second-largest Polynesian group, after the Maori.

Samoa's deeply conservative and devoutly Christian society centres around the extended family, which is headed by an elected chief who directs the family's social, economic and political affairs, and the church, which is a focus of recreational sajoa social life. the FIBA World Championship for Women and the FIBA 3x3 World Tour.

Money sent home by Samoans living abroad can be a key source of household income. It was governed by New Zealand until its people voted for independence in The economy revolves around fishing and agriculture, which is vulnerable to cyclones and disease.