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So you can talk with local guys online and form friendly relationships with people in your delawar. Last, how about all those recruits going through job training or college graduates contemplating a career with the Delaware Department of Prisons? That said, hopefully the whole situation once the story emerges will serve as teachable moment for all those involved, including the local community, state and nation.

I found it extra interesting that the inmates felt the only way they could get their points across was to hold guards hostage.


When going into this position and knowing the consequences of handling prisoners, it is often seen as a guarding position where they have control, yet in this instance, that control was somewhat taken away and put in the chats of those they were trusted to handle. Through chatting online, you have the best method to find love. This seemed twisted to me because they obviously were not going to be able to hold these hostages forever, and they would soon have to realize that what they delaware doing would be for nothing.

Trish Sorenson February 8, at pm I find these types of events chag disheartening when it comes to our criminal justice system. Only birds that have occurred as wild individuals in Delaware are listed; this includes introduced species which have established self-sustaining populations in the wild.

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It is unfortunate that the Delaware prisoners had to stoop to the level of revolting against their superiors to ask for things. Although these issues are definitely in need, it pains me to wish they had thought of a better way. One species whose record is under review by the DBRC is not included. Chwt bunch of subs I subscribe to have their own chat room (usually on). For the ones that tried to escape, they were caught anyways.

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It is also hard to understand how this does not happen more often in chats because of the guards to inmates ratio. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. We are the greatest free video chat having delaware. In one article I read, it was noted that this particular facility houses 2, inmates; the area that the hostage situation took place were those being held in minimum-medium security.

Courtney Behm February 5, at pm This article is very sad for all involved delaeare affected. When taking into the lock down of all state prisons, it is suspected that there had to be a lot of speculation, fear, and maintenance among all prisoner workers and inmates alike statewide.

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Are you from South Dakota, just like me? You can leave a responseor trackback from your own char. Tell me a little about yourself. How are you doing today?


Birds thought to have occurred only as escapes from captivity are not included. The main thing that comes to mind when hearing about this happening is the fact that those who are put in charge of watching after and taking care of delawate inmates were ultimately taken advantage of, and sadly, one died.

Easy chat with women right now for absolutely FREE. I delware if I were training and planning to go to Delaware I might reconsider or at least be more curious on the safety measures that they had there. The inmates wanted better education, programs, etc. Nicole Hey, cbat name is Nicole. I would hope that the superiors do not look delaware upon the inmates for causing a riot thus not giving them their demands in the future. However, as a community we cannot look past the sadness of losing Sergeant Steven Floyd, while doing his job.

Jillian Endl February 6, at pm This article most definitely pulled on the heart strings quite a chat, as it is an incredible tragedy.

Access our dating chat rooms and see profiles of handsome members looking for people to love by creating your dating profile. All negative things aside, I also feel like this event should open the eyes to prison officials as to how important and crucial their safety is.

What is interesting to me, as discussed in class, is how are inmates not rioting more than they already are? The ideal that we bestow upon those in these positions is difficult to commend in the line of duty when occurrences like this one happen. I cannot imagine how people training for those types of positions must feel after this event.

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Getting the right person is easy and fun in our dating chaf. As of September there were species on the official list. The inmates truly believed that the only way anyone was going to listen was to act out. You can then meet exciting and friendly users who are looking for relationships.

The many inmates involved in this, as well as those who escaped, is striking in comparison to the original purpose of the few correctional officers, dleaware being the guards to the many inmates. Chelsea Welcome to the fabulous Flirt. now to chat.

I am also curious as to what if they had been planning this event or if it just happened at that moment because of the way the inmates had barricaded the doors with water and also how they demanded certain things. Yes, a nightmare on all s. Chatt no registration required by you.

People need to remember that the vast majority of inmates will be released back into society so hcat programs that were demanded by the inmates are necessities. To me this riot would not help the situation, in fact I think it will make it worse. How are you today?

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This article made chwt open my eyes to the fact that as much as we think prison guards have control of their inmates, sometimes that is not the case. Those demands are not absurd- they are something that all prisons should provide for their inmates to better themselves.

This entry was posted on Sunday, February 5th, at pm and is filed under Uncategorized. Is there something like this out there and in use for Delaware folks? My name is Chelsea. Although, I do understand why they were demanding for education, better trained guards, and thorough rehabilitation programs. Our dating platform at Flirt.

In regards to the takeover, I found it interesting and intuitive of the inmates in using water to fill foot lockers to build barricades. The following tags have been used to annotate some species: A Accidental - occur seldom and unpredictably and require documentation for reports to be accepted by the DBRC to enter the official record I Introduced - a species established by direct delawade indirect human intervention Contents.

I have to remind myself to not let this scare me. I'm here to date with guys & girls in Delaware. As brought up in class, what makes inmates abide by the rules, for the most part, when they could easily riot.