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Young and the restless chat room

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Young and the restless chat room

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Click here for the Flash mode (Flash Player is required). However, Kevin was tricked by Clint and drugged. Rikaart and Hendrickson later stated that their personal relationship influenced former head writer Maria Arena Bell to pair the characters. Devon with the videos of Hilary — my heart was breaking. Kevin and Jana reunited after it was revealed that Jana's brain tumor had caused her deranged behavior. Young and the Restless chat room [public] created by clgil Retsless Young and The Restless and General Hospital star Michelle Alan Locher for a special live chat in The Locher Room on Tuesday, Dec.

Jana ended up dying in a struggle with Chloe, who had come to rescue Kevin.

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Victoria nad it to a dream, and Billy called it the best kind. Gloria decided to return with Kevin and Michael after Michael made a deal with the police.

Jan 4, - Follow @SamiaKhan on twitter! He eventually convinced her to have sex with him.

Not sure how posting images works so hopefully that went through But my favorite part was just Tessa sitting on the bed, waiting for Mariah like this was just another night. Even though Kevin was much older than Lily, the two start dating, and Kevin often persuaded Lily to skip school to hang out with him. Traci asked if Kyle loved Lola, and he swore that he did more than he'd thought he could love anyone. And one more thing - why isn't Grambo calling him Billyboy Abbott any more?

Jana became jealous of Kevin and Chloe's growing closeness. He ranted that the Abbott family tree was full of nuts, broken branches, and doomed marriages, and he pointed out that Lola's family wasn't a shining example, either.

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However, Nick Newman expresses suspicion to Chelsea over Chloe's possible role in Adam's death and her crimes are revealed at her wedding to Kevin; once again with Victor's help, she arranges to disappear again. A sullen Kyle arrived, and Traci asked what was wrong. Now they are recasting the forum itself!! Kevin's abusive father, "Terrible Tom" Fisher, rkom in and Kevin was forced to relive the memories of the physical and emotional violence that Tom inflicted upon him as.

Abby is always so angry with Summer. I am starting to see the reasoning for his coldness, being the ruthless things he and Victor have done to each other, and Victor has done to so many, it is really stressing he is so like Victor.

After his criminal activity died down, Rikaart commented that, "In a way, it's almost like he got what he wanted". Restlless she leaves, she rubs her pregnant belly, assuring Delia that her emptiness would once again by fulfilled, believing that the child is Billy's when it could also be Kevin's. - and make sure to visit the blog: Samia Khan. She reveals to Kevin that she had been given a hour pass from the clinic in order to visit the accident site.'s message board

Rikaart stated: "That is what we are banking on, at least for Kevin. Of working with Rikaart, she said: "Greg and I can't stop laughing during our scenes together.

Jana's autopsy revealed she had died of natural causes. So Grambo can't go after Billyboy Abbott, because there's no frickin' corpse. I have faith that we're solid as a couple to survive that, but it's also going to provide some really great, and much needed, conflict between the two. Amber soon found Kevin, who was not in his right mind. I hope them rebuilding it means they will be using it more often.

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It's a blast, because she makes him incredibly nervous [ sic ] The sparks that fly on screen are just hilarious. When and Amber arrived, had a hard time keeping her eyes off of them! Not that I am complaining because I was ecstatic over what we got this week, but I am hoping that we get more scenes with Tessa initiating things. Both couples marry on March 27, InKevin and Chloe battle money struggles, causing him joung commit crimes in order to obtain money.

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Nikki lived, and Diane contested the divorce which resulted in Victor and Nikki's union not being legal. Looked like Adam was in the prison meeting room talking to someone?

restlfss When Summer didn't react, Phyllis proposed that they go to the spa and then get tattoos. Later, Katherine was kidnapped by Clint Radisonwith whom she'd had trouble twenty years earlier. Kevin and Jana married and it was later revealed that, suffering from a brain tumor, Jana had killed Carmen Mesta.

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First Kevin and Angelina ran off to a hotel room in Niagara Falls. Looking for our original Flash chat room? The Colonnade Room also called The Colonnade was a fine dining restaurant in. They were in front laptop, for sure.

Young and the restless chat rooms. the colonnade room

Tessa chirped that Lola could walk down the aisle in her chef uniform, and Kyle would still think she had moonbeams in her eyes. She returns again inworking as an outside aid to Victor under the alias of Dorothy Gale, helping plot out his revenge against Adam. In Aprilfollowing Rikaart's departure from Days of Our Livesit was announced that he would return in the role, [19] returning during the final moments of the June 7,episode.